About Me

I must have been born with entrepreneurial blood in my veins, creating my first business venture in my early teens, over 30 years ago.

I was all of 4 feet tall and ran what was likely Australia’s first car wash cafe from my parents driveway… Driving cars in and out of the driveway and into the park across the road… I was making up to $200 cash on a Saturday, and in the late 1980s that was a lot of money for someone barely in their teens… but I knew how to spend it too.

Since then, there have been many business ventures, too many business partners to list and a text book size list of failures that turned out to be some of my biggest lessons. I have been involved in many industries including legal, professional services, trade businesses, service businesses, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, tech and online and many more.

I am a family man with my wife Natalia, son Aston & daughter Charlie. They keep me on my toes that’s for sure and are my greatest teachers.

On my journey I discovered I was no longer interested in growing a business that had a particular product or service. My interest and ultimately my passion was in growing people.

I identified my purpose is to Help People Succeed. That success for each person is as individual as their fingerprint.

My goal is to support people to live the life they have defined as successful and not society’s definition of success.

Not everyone wants a private jet and $10 million in the bank to feel successful, in fact I would say after supporting over 1,000 business owners in the last decade, the majority have found abundance in other more valuable areas of their lives whilst also creating additional financial wealth.

I don’t subscribe to the belief that you have to hustle 24/7 to achieve success. To achieve the goals you want, you must focus on growing yourself, then everything else will grow & become more abundant around you.

One of my core values is creating real relationships. In our connected but disconnected world, we have hundreds of ‘friends’ on social media but rarely make the time to call or connect face to face with those most important to us and build real depth to those relationships.

Through living my purpose and passion for helping people I have created so many meaningful and life long relationships with my clients and am humbled by the opportunity to have such a profound impact in people lives and the legacy this will leave for them and their families.

I’m particular with who I work with and ensure we are aligned on core values. They need to be ready and open to mentoring and support.

There are so many amazing people I am yet to work with, so I don’t intend on filling the time with people who aren’t ready to take responsibility for their own success.

I look forward to connecting with you and hope that in some way I can help you achieve success in all areas of your life.

Matrix Business Mentors Pty Ltd, Suite 206, 29 Kiora Road, Miranda NSW 2228, Australia 

(02) 9541-8500 sean@seansoole.com

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